It comes before a fall

“I’m putting together a landing page for my website and would like a photograph of me to sit behind it. I was wondering if you’d be up for taking/making it? I have a vague notion of walking down a track through a mist-filled woods, wrapped up in a big coat. But that might just be because of the weather. I think something informal (or at least, informal feeling) and in a natural surrounding. Does that make any sense?”

That was what I sent in an e-mail to Graham Binns before Christmas. The obvious subtext was “please make me seem┬álikeable, co-ordinated and, if possible, a bit cooler than I am.” So what’s the first image I get to see from the shoot?

Yeah, thanks for that. :)

We got together for the shoot just before Christmas. Graham is always fun to be with and it was an enjoyable shoot. He was ably assisted by his awesome wife Sarah. I felt pretty relaxed posing and enjoyed a nice meal in a nearby pub afterwards to defrost! I can’t wait to see the photos where I am actually managing to stay upright and get it on the landing page…

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