Zoe and Stuart

When you are asked to a wedding in New York with a party on top of a skyscraper, of course you want to go. But when that wedding is one of your best friend’s, it’s even more special. Stuart and I share a love of classic British comedy like Monty Python and Blackadder. Basically, he likes a good goof around. And Zoe not only puts up with it, but seems to enjoy some slapstick herself! They’re certainly a good match and are very happy together.

The ceremony itself was at the fantastically named Louis J. Lefkowitz State Office Building. As well as her parents, Zoe had two of her lovely friends, Tess and Brianna as bridesmaids. Stuart’s Mum had travelled over from the UK too. The ceremony really was as quick as in the movies: After sharing the hallway with a whole variety of other wedding parties (which was surprisingly fun!), we were in the chapel for less than five minutes. Although brief, it was energetic and as meaningful as any other wedding when Zoe and Stuart looked into each other’s eyes and exchanged vows. Zoe’s father watched on proudly as witness.

Zoe in New York

Stuart in New York

Zoe and Stuart's New York wedding

There’s a little garden opposite the courthouse where every other couple was posing for photographs. We went a little further away to find somewhere a bit quieter for portraits, before heading off for lunch at the Square Diner in TriBeCa. Zoe had arranged the location as a surprise for Stuart: it’s where they had their first date.

Stuart and Zoe in New York

Stuart and Zoe at the Square Diner in New York

The celebratory party followed, held on a roof terrace at the top of a Wall Street apartment block. This was a stunning venue, with a complete 360 view of the New York skyline. The open-air bar had an amazing atmosphere, ably staffed by a friend of Zoe’s. Food for the evening was a great mixture of hot food provided by the good folks at Crave Astoria (and rather nice it was too!) and home-made fare, including bonbonaires lovingly assembled by Zoe’s mum!

Detail of Stuart and Zoe's New York wedding

Food at Stuart and Zoe's New York wedding

Food at Stuart and Zoe's New York wedding

View of New York at dusk

It was dark by the time Zoe got to the party (you’re allowed to be very fashionably late for your own wedding party, right?) so I made sure that we captured some images in front of the fantastic skyline before the party went on well into the night.

Stuart and Zoe's New York wedding

Stuart and Zoe's New York wedding

Stuart and Zoe's New York wedding

Stuart and Zoe's New York wedding

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