LUG Radio Live Rocked

Well, I made it back from LUG Radio Live in one piece. It’s all a bit of a blur now, as I flaked out when I got home about 8pm on Sunday night. I do remember having a great time though, it was just a shame that I couldn’t see all the talks. Mark Shuttleworth was highly entertaining, telling stories about his space trip. The live recording was very funny too – I’m in there a couple of times, unless Jono edits me out. All in all, it was a really relaxed, social atmosphere, very different from the corporate expos I’ve been to. Even the representatives from RedHat, a typically corporate Linux company, seemed informal. It was nice seeing a few familiar faces too, Ian Lynch, Jon Masters and MJ Ray to name a few. On Saturday night I ended up having a curry sat between Christian Schaller, Fluendo and Gstreamer guy, and Daniel Barron of Dan’s Guardian. Of course, it took me half the evening to work out who they were, as I’d not seen either of their talks. *blush*. They both seemed really nice people, as did Daniel’s wife, Jane.

The following day brought the paintball. Having arrived on time, we then had to wait half an hour for the LUG Radio presenters to turn up. The team I was on ended up, erm, not winning, but that didn’t really matter as every one seemed to have a good time getting shot.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded my photos.

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