Bye-bye to Hotmail.

I’ve decided to let my Hotmail account lapse. I’ve had this account for about 6 years, and have lived through many revisions of the webmail interface. However, these days I hardly ever check it. All my important e-mail comes to accounts through this domain. It’s been a couple of months since I logged into Hotmail before today. The only mail that comes to it is junk or circular e-mails from companies. Occasionally there is another e-mail relating to Core Linux or View Askew – it was still given as the contact e-mail address for my website. I have now changed that (and introduced some nice javascript from to obscure the new address from harvesters.

I really just don’t feel the need for a Hotmail account any more. One of the nice things about having your own domain is that you can do anything you like with your e-mail structure, including providing your own webmail service. Hotmail give me 250MB storage – I can offer myself nearly 40GB. 🙂 The only other reason for me to have a Hotmail account is to use MSN Messenger (or rather, Gaim on Linux) to talk to people online. However, that’s what IRC is for. I hardly ever log in to Messenger anyway and when I do there is no-one online who I can’t speak to via IRC.

Apparently you can’t just shut a Hotmail acount so I will have to let it timeout.

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