Well, that explains it…

Whilst killing time on Wikipedia today, I found the entry for Lancaster, where I took my degree. That led me to the website for the Duke’s Theatre in Lancaster, where I worked on an open-air production and did the get-ins for several plays. I found the archive page and was looking through the photos of the productions on which I had worked, remembering the good time I had with Brent, Johnny, Jono, Marie, Gaz et al. Looking over the photos for Burn This, a play for which I worked the get-in for back in 2002, I thought I’d seen the actress playing Anna in something more recently. When I saw this photo I knew I recognised her.

I’ve been watching and enjoying Extras over the past few weeks. All through the series I thought there was something familiar the character of Maggie. However, all the publicity I’d heard about the show said that she was an “unknown” actress prior to being cast, so I assumed that I was confusing her with someone else. But I now know why she seemed so familiar – she played Anna in Burn This all those years ago. I remember the play pretty well now, prompted by the photos, and I really enjoyed it. It was a moody play with a bit of sex and violence thrown in for good measure. Set in the states (New York, IIRC) all the cast did great jobs with the accents. The studio (or Dukes Theatre Two as they seem to be calling it these days) is a great venue for creating a really intimate atmosphere, you can sense the tension between characters, something that really paid off in this production.

So, I’ll be settling down to watch the last episode of Extras tonight, without worrying why Maggie looks so familiar.

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