LUG Meeting

Yesterday was another HantsLUG monthly meeting. Another busy one – about 30 people turned up throughout the day. It was particularly nice to see three or four new faces at the meeting – I guess we’re doing something right if people are happy to just turn up to a meeting!

At the meeting I got to upgrade Wifi-Radar to the latest version. This introduces support for WPA and integrates with a DHCP client properly. I then ended up helping a couple of LUG members get it installed and running on their Ubuntu and Debian systems. Having done something twice inevitably results in a wiki page describing it.

Other than that, it was a relaxing (if hot) afternoon, chatting to a variety of LUG members. Tom Bragg, as well doing his usual masterly job of providing network services for the meeting, donated a faster PC to upgrade my webserver. The existing box is a PII 233MHz system and has started to struggle a bit lately. To be fair, it’s only started to struggle as I’ve expected it to do more (beyond what can reasonably be expected of a webserver) and as the website is getting spidered a lot more. The new box is a Duron system with a CPU in the 800MHz region.

It’s probable that the meeting was the last we’ll have at Syan TSD. It’s been a great venue and a very useful resource. It’s pretty much certain that I’ll have to begin looking for a new venue somewhere other than Southampton soon. Suggestions welcome.

It’s still far too muggy down here and despite thunder and lightening tonight it’s not dehumidified yet.

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