Bye, (nearly) hello, welcome back and come back soon!

This weekend I went to a party for my friend Stuart who is leaving for the USA soon. I’ve known Stuart since we moved to Surrey in 1991, and we ended up doing pretty much everything together throughout our teenage years until we went off to Uni. Even then we worked Panto together. Scouts, school, theatre stuff and so on. It will be very weird not seeing him every few weeks, but I hope that he and Kim will be able to get on with their lives in New York. I have even said I might try the evil propriatory Skype software to try and talk to him over the net.

Chris and Heidi are both well (although Heidi would dispute that at times) as they get closer to Sammy’s due date. I’m really excited for them – it’s something proper grown up. They’ve been decorating and buying stuff over the last months, and I can now identify a sterliser. Chris is another friend I’ve known for years and it’s very odd to see the Mothercare catalogue lying around in his front room.

It’s the first InfoPoint after the summer this weekend. InfoPoints are really great way to spread the word about Linux and Free Software. We have even had people come along to LUG meetings that we’ve first chatted to at InfoPoints. We’ve got a small team of stalwart attendees, but it would be nice to see more members of the LUG giving up a couple of hours to help out at one of these events.

One of the reasons that I’ve not posted more recently is that my laptop is still off for repair. Acutally it’s been away and come back once, before being sent away again. It’s looking like it will be an expensive repair as the whole motherboard apparently needs replacing. Also, the Meeja Box project is coming on in fits and starts. I have the two DVB cards in the case now, and one of them even works. The Belkin wireless keyboard that is supposed to have a range of 6 feet barely reaches 6 inches though, so I’m currently trying to get Scan to accept it back, refund, exchange or replace it.

Also, Gallery version 2 has gone stable, so I hope to upgrade our installations to that this weekend.

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