Well, I’ve had another e-mail from Scan. Their left hand doesn’t seem to know what their right hand is doing. I can’t believe that they’ve wasted so much of their staff time on a £15 product.

This e-mail, like all the others they’ve sent me, bears a “signature” that entirely negates the validity of the e-mail. I don’t want someone acting in a “personal capacity” to deal with this issue, I want someone acting in a professional capacity and representing the company! It’s not hard to work out really.

They really do seem to be turning out as a company of prize muppets. So far I’ve dealt with Mrs. E. H. Norris, John, Mark R, Micheal W and now Immy.

Antony Whitmore,

Scan Computers
27-28 Enterprise Park

10 Oct 2005

RMA 121193

Dear Antony Whitmore:

Despite a notification letter being sent to you on 26/09/05, our records sho=
w we are still waiting for a no fault found payment of =A320=2E00 + VAT=2E

This payment is charged for testing your equipment, which was found not to b=
e faulty=2E

Please reply to this letter immediately and no later than 7 working days wit=
h your payment details so we may clear your outstanding RMA=2E

Failure to do so will result in your goods being disposed of to an auction v=
alue, without any further notification, so we may recover our fees=2E

Please reply to this letter to resolve the situation=2E

Yours Sincerely,

Returns Dept

Scan Computers

The set of characters in the subject uniquely identifies your query=2E When=
replying to this email please ensure that these characters remain unaltered=

This message is entirely the creation of its author in his or her personal c=
apacity and any views expressed in this message are the views of that author=
=2E Accordingly, Scan Computers Intl Ltd shall not be nor become liable in a=
ny way, whether contractually, tortuously or otherwise, in respect of anythi=
ng stated or depicted in this message=2E Please also note that this message =
shall not constitute an offer or an acceptance or be legally binding upon Sc=
an Computers Intl Ltd in any way=2E

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