Mad Magazines

I always seem to have a stack of magazines kicking around waiting for me to read. In fact, I have too many – it’s been too long since I picked up a novel. I regularly get delivered Private Eye, Physics World, Doctor Who Magazine, Sightlines, Linux Format, Linux User & Developer and Personal Computer World. I’ve also flicked through some recent issues of Linux Magazine and it seems to have grown up a lot and they contained a lot of feature articles that appealed to me.

Now, there are obviously quite a few computing magazines on that list. And there isn’t one that is 100% ideal in my eyes. LXF is often sloppily proof-read and a lot of their articles are quite basic. LU&D is in danger of disappearing up its own backside on occasion with overly analytical articles, but has great opinion columns. PCW is so Windows-oriented that most if its contents aren’t relevant, but they are introducing more FLOSS-based content and do review general PC hardware, unlike the Linux magazines.

I can get a lot of the magazine’s content (or equivalents) from online sites, but it’s nice to have dead tree media sometimes. Something to read on a train or for a few minutes before bed, without staring at the backlit rectangle of doom. Ideally, I’d like someone to put together a service that allows you to pick and choose the parts of particular magazines that you actually want to read. You might even end up paying slightly more than the price of a single magazine, but significantly less than the cost of all those individual subscriptions over the course of a year. I’d even accept a dozen pages of adverts to keep the cost down.

In it, I’d have:

  • The news pages and hardware reviews from Personal Computer World
  • The Hot Picks, “What on Earth”s and some of the tutorials from Linux Format
  • The opinion columns and news from Linux User & Developer
  • The feature articles from Linux Magazine

Now, if someone could set this service up, that’d be just peachy. And then e-mail me when it’s ready. Thanks.

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    One Response to Mad Magazines

    1. Ian says:

      You could easily make that happen. All you need is an exact-o knife and some glue…. and a few hours to kill.