Scan refunded.

Well, have refunded me the £15.26 for the wireless keyboard and mouse that I returned to them.

The last e-mail I had from them was on the 10th October asking to send them a cheque for £20 + VAT so they could send the non-working keyboard back to me, and that I had to reply within 7 days. Well, I replied the following day re-iterating my previous points, and also pointing out that the signature appended to their e-mails meant that no-one from Scan had officially responded to my RMA request. Then silence. For two weeks.

So I e-mailed them on Monday evening and got a reply on Tuesday that the “item was put in for a refund on 14/10/05”. Nice of them to e-mail and let me know that they’d finally seen sense.

I’m satisfied with the outcome from this little affair, but it really shouldn’t have taken over 7 weeks to resolve this issue. I hope it makes them, and other companies, think about how they describe products on their website, their trading practices and the wording of their e-mail signatures.

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