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You may remember some time ago that I set up using virtual hosting under Apache. At the time I said more virtual hosts would be forthcoming, and I’ve finally got round to doing it.

So there are now, and These are now all linked in from the navigation bar at the top. At the same time I’ve added a redirect in from the old static front page to this blog, so this is now effectively the front page of the site. It seemed to make more sense than having a static page linking to the blog and I would have done it sooner. However the “www” site is hosted by my ISP whilst the other subdomains are all hosted at home. However, the ISP space doesn’t support any scripting languages so I had to find a way to either embed the blog contents on that page or redirect. In the end, an .htaccess with a couple of RedirectMatches has done the job. Some of the older static content is still within the “www” tree, such as the project pages (now linked from the navigation bar at the top), mainly so that people who arrive here via search engines can still find the content. It doesn’t change very much so it might as well stay where it is for now.

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