HantsLUG meeting, 4th February at Southampton Uni

Next Saturday is a LUG meeting, back at Southampton Uni! All the details are on the wiki. We still need Greeters (there are still 4 slots left!) and remember if you have a specific problem you need help with, then please sign up on the I Need Help page.

N.B: You will not be able to use the normal entrance to the Zepler building, but will have to go round the back to the door opposite the main entrance. We hope to have posters with arrow signs up, but basically you need to come in where the green arrow is on the map. The red arrow indicates the normal entrance.

We will also be having another set of short talks. I’ve tried to schedule the talks to suit the speakers and allow breaks in between. They will only be short talks – 15 minutes, no more than 30. Hopefully there will be something in the schedule to interest everyone:

* 11:30am: Knoppix Remastered – Peter Savage
* 12:15pm: RPM – Vic
* 1:30pm: Notworking to Networking – Hugo Mills
* 2:30pm: “Getting to grips with the shell” – Graham Bleach

Pete kicks off the talks telling us how to make your own customised Knoppix CD, including your favourite applications and tweaks. Apparently this is a lot easier than it might sound and you don’t need to be an expert Linux user to do it. Vic will be talking about RPM, the RedHat Package Manager as used by RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandrake and others. If you’ve got bad memories of RPM from years ago, this talk should demonstrate how much it has improved in recent years and show some of the cool stuff it can do.

Hugo will be giving an introduction to networking. If you’d like to set up a home network but don’t really understand how networks work, or perhaps would like to troubleshoot your network more effectively, then come along. Finally, Graham Bleach will be talking about getting to grips with the Shell. The command line can seem like a scary place at first for people used to the GUI world of Windows, KDE or GNOME. But it can do some very powerful things and make you a whole lot more efficient when working on your system.

Please post to our Mailing List if you need a lift or help getting there. Bring food! See you there!

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