Tux Logo for TomTom GO 300 Splash Screen

I was a very lucky boy at Christmas and was given a TomTom GO 300. I think it’s a cracking piece of kit with an impressively thought-out interface. These things run embedded Linux and the SD card in them appears as mass storage devices via a USB cable. I was poking around the contents of the SD card trying to work out which bits I needed to backup to keep my custom locations safe.

On the SD card is a splash.bmp file, which is the splash screen that is displayed whenever the device is powered up or down. The default one is a green background, with a white silhouette of a hand operating a TomTom device. I thought it would be cool to customise that splash screen to show off proudly the Linux-y nature of the device. So I came up with this splash screen after a couple of hours with the GIMP.

Here’s how it looks in action:

If you have a TomTom and want to use this splash screen, you need to download this rotated version and convert it to a 24-bit bitmap (BMP). Gallery doesn’t cope with BMPs apparently, so I had to convert it to a JPEG for uploading.

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