Irssi Proxy. Easy.

This evening I’ve set up irssi‘s proxy module, following some tips from Dave2 in #lugradio and It’s as easy as:

/load proxy
/set irssiproxy_password = something
/set irssiproxy_ports Blitzed=6667 Freenode=6668

The networks have to be defined already in ~/.irssi/config. The ports specified are the ports that client systems use to connect to the proxy, not the port on the remote IRC server to which the proxy connects. Multiple client systems can connect to the same irssi proxy session, allowing you to use the same nick from multiple client systems. You need to start a different connection from the client for each server the irssi proxy session is connected to. So you do

/connect myhost 6667 something
/connect myhost 6668 something

And there you have it. Obviously the irssi session needs to keep running, so start it in a screen. One plus is that the irssi session is still usable over SSH, so you can pick it up at any point.

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    3 Responses to Irssi Proxy. Easy.

    1. kd says:

      /set irssiproxy_password = something didn’t work for me
      /set irssiproxy_password something
      instead this worked for me 🙂

    2. Alex says:

      Thanks for the write-up. Found the site via Google and managed to set up irssi-proxy immediately!


    3. Placid says:

      Just to confirm the first comment here – you will need to use ‘/set irssiproxy_password something’ (i.e. without the ‘=’ – obviously no quotes). I am using IRSSI v 0.8.10 (Debian Testing).