If you tried RedHat once, you might like Ubuntu.

I was reminded of the importance (and commercial value to companies) of personal data, following this e-mail from Amazon:

We’ve noticed that customers who have purchased “Red Hat Linux 7
Unleashed (Unleashed S.)” by William Ball have also ordered “Beginning
Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional” by Keir Thomas. For this
reason, you might like to know that this book is now available. You can
order your copy for just GBP 18.47 ( 34% off the RRP) by following the
link below.

Firstly, it’s off-putting that Amazon still hold and use data from purchases made 7 years ago for analysing personal preferences. Secondly, it’s worrying that I might be judged on those purchases – tastes and interests can change a lot in 7 years. Thirdly, it’s disturbing that all their data harvesting has paid off and I’m actually interested in the suggested book…

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