April’s HantsLUG meeting

Yesterday’s HantsLUG meeting went fantastically. It was our busiest meeting on record with at least 46 people in attendance. There were people from SCLUG, Sussex LUG and Dorset LUG who came along, some of them all the way from Crawley. All of whom were very welcome.

I was amazed that we had 35 people through the door in the first hour. Heck, there were 10 people standing around in the car park by 10am. 🙂 There were so many new faces, sadly I didn’t get time to say hello to everyone. I was kept pretty busy supervising the talks (and the videoing). They were all well received and interesting talks, but the MySQL and AJAX talks were especially packed. It looks like that sort of topic really interests people. If you have any feedback from the talks or the meeting in general, please let me know.

Thanks to everyone who helped out, staffing the front desk, giving talks, opening the venue, helping others fix their problems. The busier the meetings get and the more things we try to do, the more need there is for people to help out though. We need to get more people actively helping out in order to ensure our activities are sustainable.

There’s the usual wiki page which includes links to the gallery and the talk notes*. If you attended and have any photos we can upload to our gallery, please let me know. Please note down what you did and check that we haven’t missed your name off the list.

* Content from the talks is still being sorted, so that notes page is far from complete, some of the links are wrong.

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