Fame at last!

There’s a new version of the acpi-support package in Ubuntu Dapper today. At our recent special LUG meeting, Paul Sladen took a look at suspend on my ThinkPad R40 and we discovered that it had an unusual BIOS which wasn’t reporting the correct make. Hence suspend wasn’t being activated by default. Paul asked me to send him the output of some BIOS probing commands, and the changes are in this latest version of the package:

* Save the ‘dmidecode’ bios-version as we can identify ThinkPads with blank product-names.
* Add entry for ThinkPad R40 with BIOS version “1PET62WW” (Tony Whitmore)

How cool is that?! It’s odd how a chance event like last week’s meeting has led to a bug being fixed for a really popular brand of laptop. I’ve never been mentioned in an Ubuntu changelog before either. 🙂

Dapper has now got the final artwork and other touches in it, as it’s going into final lockdown before release. It’s looking good though!

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