At least the dead ones are easier to catch…

The cats have been on something of a killing spree lately. Bailey has been caught bird in mouth on more than one occasion, so he is the prime culprit for leaving the little “presents” that are sometimes waiting after work. Yesterday was unusual though. No sign of any cats, just lots of things knocked over and a lot of bird crap on the window sill. Oh, and this chap waiting upstairs:

One slightly flustered looking, but very alive, magpie. Getting quite a large bird with a nasty looking beak out of a window involved lots of slapstick moments with a blanket and ducking out of fear of getting pooped on. Initially on the first floor, it got right up to top of the second at one point before coming back down, knocking over a pile of DVDs and diving through the window. Definitely one to add to the Cat Tails page.

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