Monthly Archives: July 2006

LUG Radio Live 2006 – Part Eight

July 31, 2006

Lunchtime on Sunday was the GPG keysigning in BOF 3. It was reasonably well attended, with not too many people to make the informal style a pain. It was also nice to be plunged into an almost entirely different group of people for a while; a great chance to meet yet another bunch of community […]

LUG Radio Live 2006 – Part Seven

July 30, 2006

Sunday was the day of the BOF that I had proposed on the UK LUG Masters mailing list back in April. It was clear from the Saturday sessions that BOF area 3 was much better suited to running a BOF than the spaces in the auditorium, so we arranged to move the BOF […]

LUG Radio Live 2006 – Part Six

July 29, 2006

The lightning talks over for the day, it was time for the live recording. Predictably there was a crush in the main auditorium as people piled in to get a good view of the action, particularly as Jono was due to shave his ‘orrible beard off for charity. The upshot of this was that I […]

LUG Radio Live 2006 – Part Five

July 28, 2006

After lunch, I dipped in and out of Danny O’Brien’s talk. I enjoyed Danny’s columns in Linux User & Developer, but they seem to have stopped now. Danny talked about quite a few things, including his work with the EFF, standing up for people or projects prosecuted under technology laws. Unfortunately, both he and Bill […]

LUG Radio Live 2006 – Part Four

July 27, 2006

The following morning arrived far too soon. The night had been warm and the hotel room boiling. The breakfast room was full of LRL attendees, mostly #lugradio people. After eating a nice enough breakfast (although the sausages were a bit odd), Alan drove us to the venue. The Students Union is actually part of a […]