OpenPGP smartcard, GnuPG and an ACS ACR30U reader. Part Three

For all (any!?!) of you who care, I’ve not really made any progress with my OpenGPG smartcard and the smartcard reader. The smartcard reader is PC/SC compatible, GPG can talk to the smartcard and I set the language on the card. However, other changes like setting my name cause GPG to return an error and pcscd to segfault. I’ve passed this on to the GnuPG users mailing list, but no-one has replied. Since I posted four days ago, it’s looking like no-one can answer even the question of where to look next. If anyone fancies a look, the mailing list post is here. I suspect, however, that the OpenPGP smartcard, its support in GPG and the PC/SC driver isn’t really ready for prime-time.

I’ve also e-mailed ACS to ask them to clarify the licence under which the driver is published, as it is ambiguous at the moment.

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