Stepping down from HantsLUG

I decided not to stand for the post of Chairman at this year’s HantsLUG elections about six months ago, and following last weekend’s AGM, I’m no longer in office. Two years is quite a long stint, especially as LUG business usually took up the equivalent of another working day every week, outside of the time spent at meetings. There are lots of things, both technical and personal, that I haven’t got done as result and I now have two years of DIY tasks to catch up on! And we’re having some building work done soon, which needs a lot of co-ordination. Plus I’ve not long been in my new job which is requiring lots of work and longer hours.

I enjoyed most of my time as Chairman and it’s been great to see new activities, in particular the talks at meetings, gaining popularity with both long-term members and new-comers alike. There have also been a few more unusual things to deal with, which caused more organisational hassle. The fire at ECS in October meant an alternative meeting venue had to be found, we “lost” our Basingstoke meeting venue and started meetings in Aldershot at another venue. All this required a lot of work and, despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to delegate as much work to the Committee as I would have liked. With my enthusiasm waning it made sense to let someone else take over.

I’m not going to drop out of HantsLUG entirely. I have volunteered to continue doing the things that interest me most: maintaining Planet HantsLUG, administrating the marvellous wiki and working on the LUG talk videos. They are all important advocacy tools, demonstrating that HantsLUG is a lively and active group (the wiki) with interesting meetings (the videos) populated by well-rounded people (the planet).

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    1. Ciemon says:

      Tony, your efforts were appreciated make no mistake. You did a blinding job as the Chairman, I’m glad you’ve moved on before you burned out.

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