Two new podcasts are born!

As if there weren’t enough in the world, two more Linux-y podcasts have been released this week. Firstly, there’s a podcast about a podcast, released by some of the #lugradio denisens, called hashlugradio. Episode 0 was a recorded Skype conference call, including one participant who was in Amsterdam at the time of the recording. It seems that Skype is a reasonable way to record multiple people for a podcast, just a shame it’s propriatory software. (Are there open alternatives that use IAX or SIP?) The new show is certainly an interesting development in the LUG Radio community, but Jen has written about this first, so I’ll let her words stand. The show reminded me in some ways of the early LUG Radio episodes, although the recording quality was generally better. It’s certainly interesting to hear more arguments on the topics discussed on LUG Radio, but whether the community itself generates sufficient material to warrant inclusion only time will tell.

Secondly there’s the catchily named vKLUGcast from the people at Kent LUG. They are quite clear that this isn’t a podcast, hence the name, but a virtual meeting of Kent LUG that their members can download if they can’t physically make a meeting. Like hashlugradio they record a Skype conference call. There were only two Kent LUGgers able to be involved in the recording, so Alan Pope volunteered to help out and asked if I wanted to join in too. So I did. It was a pretty interesting discussion to be involved in, and enjoyable despite never having done anything like that before. There are definitely some areas in the show that need work: balancing, quality, energy, duration and timing. It’s difficult to know when someone has finished talking when you can’t see them, so there are a few pauses in the show. The Kent guys don’t want to get tied up in post-processing for longer than necessary so the show has a pretty laid back feeling to it. I’d be interested to hear what Kent LUG’s members think of the show and whether more want to be involved in the future.

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    3 Responses to Two new podcasts are born!

    1. kNo' says:

      shit, shit, shit… I thought I had a “brilliant” idea for LRL’07: hijack the LRL episode recording and being on stage instead of the usual speakers with a few members of the community to make an alternative radio show. And you, (you british bastards) you’re not only stealing my idea, but you are improving it, and make it fortnightly.

      Damn. Now I have to find another good idea for the next LRL.

    2. mrben says:

      I did try to persuade the guys to use Wengo to record the show. Sadly it failed in 2 respects:

      1. They said the sound quality was not as good as Skype
      2. It can only conference 3 people at a time.

    3. Mark says:

      I do not think, No i will change that i have not come across anything yet that is as clear as Skype. I have been in conference calls using Skype and have never had a problem, but i must say that can depend on your broadband provider. I use NTL and have never had problems but i know people with Plus.Net and they have……..

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