Had enough of my OpenPGP “smart” card

I’ve given up on getting my OpenPGP smart card working, so I thought I’d write this post of ward others off trying the same. Having got no further with the GnuPG mailing list or MUSCLE mailing list, I went and bought a card reader that is known to be supported. However, this still didn’t work on Ubuntu Dapper, with GnuPG trying to use the PC/SC interface the whole time rather than the internal CCID driver. I’m sick of wasting time recomiling pcsclite and GnuPG trying to get things to work. I’ve spent so many hours on this that the time I was hoping to regain by using a smart card to sign e-mails will take until 2025 to get back. I’m going to wait until Edgy Eft is out and try again, but until then my OpenPGP card and two card readers will sit on a shelf gathering dust.

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    4 Responses to Had enough of my OpenPGP “smart” card

    1. Alan Pope says:

      I know the feeling. Sometimes if something doesn’t work the best thing to do is put it to one side and do something else. Becuase likelyhood is you have a load of other stuff on the to-do list, and as you chug through the list time passes and other people work on the thing that’s broke. It’s a bummer, but hey, life’s too short 🙂

      Get your PVR working, Laura will thank you for it 🙂

    2. Laura says:

      * Laura looks forward to switching channels with a remote control again. Ah….

    3. Philipp Kern says:

      The smart card reader was the exact reason why I switched to Debian testing (Etch) over the week-end. Coming from Ubuntu Dapper. The chipcard libs were quite a hell to backport, but now, with some udev tweaks, it works, even with the free driver. (A dump SCR 3310 USB reader, without keypad.)

    4. Steph says:

      Thats a shame , I got mine running in less than 30 mins with no recompiling using the guides at FSF website