Darling Dapper

I took Alan’s advice to move on to reworking my Meeja Box to give me a platform suffciently up-to-date to get MythTV up and running. After a bit of a set back during the install (the Dapper server kernel doesn’t work on EPIA boxes, so I had to use the alternate CD) I got the necessary stuff installed and working within about a day of starting over, so it’s now back to the state it was in before I started the reinstallation. This was mainly due to the copious notes I made the first time around.

But I’m happy with the reinstall. The Dapper kernel includes the drivers and patches I’d had to add into my custom kernel under Sarge and X.org has the Unichrome stuff in it, which did cause a few problems as the driver had many more options than under the old install. Still, worked it all out eventually. Some AVIs that had previously had problems playing back (lots of “VOB not coded” type messages and video pauses) now play back fine. I made more notes, which are here. I’m going to wait for MythTV 0.20 to be released before I worry about installing it. I’ve lived with the “SSH interface” for over a year so I’m sure I can wait a little longer. 🙂

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