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Following the EGM at the HantsLUG meeting on Saturday, I’m now the LUG’s newest Hostmaster. I’ve taken over from Adrian Bridgett who did a great job, so my main priority is not to screw it all up. Fortunately I sysadmin for quite a few servers so it should be OK. 🙂 Having stepped down as Chairman back in August, you might be wondering why I decided to stand again. Well, the period for nominations was almost up, and no-one had offered to stand as Hostmaster. Given that it’s a relatively small post, I thought it would be a good way to keep involved with the running of the LUG without it taking up quite so much time.

Having said that, one of my first jobs is to draw up a mechanism for members to register to vote at LUG meetings. This might sound like some horrendous beaurocracy, but it isn’t really: There are usually only votes once a year. But the LUG mailing list had grown so large that we needed 26 people to have a quorate meeting! This was proving a bit of a problem, so the voter registration idea was introduced to try and keep the effective quorum down to something more managable. Fortunately lots of people made an effort to get to the meeting, including some especially dedicated souls from that London, made the journey down for the meeting and we had exactly the 26 members we needed.

It was great to see Andy Smith and Phil Clarke again, having met them properly at LUG Radio Live this summer. They had come down to help us reach quoracy but also to vote on the hotly debated issue of whether the LUG mailing list should have an open archive. It’s one of the debates that the LUG has had several times over and over in the past. So there was a vote and the short story is that the LUG is going to have a new list with an open archive. It’s good to have finally had a vote after everyone had the opportunity to put their side and hopefully the issue has been put to rest for a long time.

In other news, I’ve been playing with PHPSurveyor and it’s my latest favourite niche-filling web app.

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