I want an Ubuntu lanyard

We have ID cards at work but the plastic clips that attach the card holders to clothing aren’t very strong. So lanyards are a popular option. I’ve been given a second-hand plain grey lanyard. It’s not very clean, either. So I want to combine some snazzy neck attire with advocacy and wear a lanyard that suits my personality and interests. And no, the dirty grey one does not already do so…

There’s a company in Germany making be-Tuxed ones, which I think are a little in-your-face. (Rather like those blue ties with Tux all over them. Yes, I have one. I think I’ve worn it once.) The Reverend Ted Haegar was dishing out Novell lanyards at LUG Radio Live in the summer, which would be OK for work because we are a Novell network. But I didn’t get one and to be honest I don’t have the same passion for Novell as I do for Ubuntu. It is the distribution I use most after all, so it should be Ubuntu that I give the valued advertising space that is my neck & chest area. The official Ubuntu shop doesn’t stock lanyards. Thongs and cuddly bears, yes. But lanyards, no.

So, what to do? Well, I’m going up to the LinuxWorld Expo in a couple of weeks time. I might get given one as a freebie from a random IT company, if I’m lucky. But it probably wouldn’t be quite me. And I was really after two, in case I get soup down one. I could just order a custom one from Spreadshirt or similar, I suppose. Personally I think Mr. Shuttleworth has missed a trick here. I’m sure there’s a potentially massive market for Ubuntu lanyards as it makes inroads into the corporate data centre. Ubuntu laynard fanciers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your bits of dull grey string!

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    3 Responses to I want an Ubuntu lanyard

    1. Ciemon says:

      I gather from the ubuntu-uk irc channel that there’s work being done in this very subject. So keep your eyes peeled for an ubuntu-uk lanyard hitting the streets…. well, whenever they’re ready 🙂

    2. mfurufuru says:

      Did you ever get your Ubuntu Lanyard? I seriously want one too and have been looking for one for the past few days. Please let me know.

    3. Tony says:

      No, not yet. I’m now the top hit for Ubuntu lanyard in Google, which doesn’t bode well either. I hope to be seeing Nik from Ubuntu-UK at the weekend, so I’ll remind him then!