I must be a *proper* advocate now

In the last couple of weeks or so, Jono has added me to Planet Advocacy. This must mean that “some point” as finally been arrived at. 😉 He has wisely taken a categorised RSS feed, so I have to make sure I tag posts up properly. Most of my advocacy is done through the UK LUG movement, so the contents of my posts will reflect that. However, I’m also interested in FLOSS within education, as that’s the sector I’ve worked in for the last six years.

LUGs can be vital grass roots advocacy; real people using Linux on a daily basis and supporting others in doing so. Some of the larger Linux companies are developing support models that “compete” for the same market, and good luck to them. However, it would be great to see the big Linux companies actively supporting UK LUGs and the grassroots advocacy that they do. What is a tiny part of a corporate marketing budget could easily help a LUG hire a meeting venue, buy some network equipment or set up local advocacy projects. And it would raise the profile and enhance the reputation of that company enormously within the thousands of UK LUG members.

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