I hate to be negative about this…

I’ve got a carrier bag full of 35mm negatives from photos I took over my teenage years. (The negatives are in the little paper wallets, not directly in the bag itself.) They are mostly of sentimental value rather than photos of great artistic merit. I’d like to get them digitised so I have a backup, can sift through them electronically and upload the appropriate ones to my gallery. There are over 40 films worth (so about 1000 frames, potentially), so I don’t really want to scan them in myself (I have a negative scanner, but it’s very old and slow) and it would be easier to review them on the computer than from the negative. So I’m looking for recommendations for bulk negative scanning services. What I’d want would be:

  • Scan negatives at ~2000dpi
  • Produce output on CDs or DVD
  • Output to high quality JPEG or TIFF
  • Return by registered post
  • Turnaround time isn’t really important
  • Dust/dirt removal included in the price would be a plus.
  • Pricing that won’t bankrupt me

Google has found these two firms, but the first one has a bit of a dodgy looking website and the second one looks very pricey (although I haven’t enquired about their bulk rates yet). So, does anyone have any recommendations?

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    3 Responses to I hate to be negative about this…

    1. Andrew says:

      Did you decide on a firm in the end? I’m in a similar situation, with a large bag full of slides and negatives. I guess it might be cheaper to pick up a second-hand film scanner off eBay, but on the other hand I’m happy to pay somebody else to do all the work 🙂

    2. Tony says:

      Well, I haven’t made a choice yet. The other people I am looking at are: http://slidescan4u.co.uk/ They are much cheaper than the others, at 27p per frame for a 4800dpi scan. I don’t know what sort of quality their scans are yet (their site only has tiiiiiiiny examples) and I guess at 27p that doesn’t include any scratch removal. However, I’m going to contact them to take up their trial offer. I’ll blog with the results. 🙂

    3. Andrew says:

      That *is* a good price. Thanks for the reply 🙂

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