Popey power!

My good friend Alan Pope is interviewed on the latest episode of LUG Radio talking about UK LUGs. Alan did a very good job of representing the current state of LUGs in the UK. Download it and have a listen! I had been due to go on the show to talk about the recent goings-on at HantsLUG, but got passed over at the last minute in favour of Al.

I can think of no-one nicer to be abruptly shit-canned for. 🙂

Update: Alan has posted a blog entry that follows up, expands upon and reflects the interview. It’s well worth a read, and pretty much reflects my views on lug.org.uk, especially the hard work done by Andy Smith and the other admins. I have volunteered to help out lug.org.uk not by doing any admin work (the guys are much better at this than me and really have it all covered) but with things like the lug.org.uk BOF I organised at LUG Radio Live this year.

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