Ubuntu Edgy and VMWare Workstation not a problem

Contrary to some people’s experience, I’ve not had any serious problems upgrading to Ubuntu Edgy. I upgraded my desktop a couple of days after Edgy’s release and it’s great. I had to run “aptitude dist-upgrade” a few times, but I just accepted the suggestions each time and after three or four iterations, I had a lovely Edgy desktop.

The only problem I had was with VMWare Workstation, which I run on my desktop. The first thing is to make sure you have the latest release of VMWare Workstation. That’s 5.5.0 build 29772. The kernel modules supplied with VMWare will not build against Edgy’s kernel with any older versions. I was already running the latest version of VMWare Workstation, so it was just a matter of running the usual vmware-config.pl script that follows a kernel upgrade. There were errors related to creating the application menu icons, but I still had them from before. For new installs this might be a problem.
The problem I had was that when I started VMWare Workstation from the command line having done this.

$ vmware
/usr/local/lib/vmware/bin/vmware: /usr/local/lib/vmware/lib/libpng12.so.0/libpng12.so.0: no version information available (required by /usr/lib/libcairo.so.2)

And then it just sat there with the CPU at 100%. For ever. Now, I’d had the libpng warning when running VMWare Workstation under Dapper, so I didn’t think this would be the cause of the problem. I did some investigation using strace myself, and then came across this thread at the Ubuntu Forums, which basically suggests removing libdbus-1-2, as Edgy has libdbus-1-3 and having both versions installed makes VMWare Workstation cry.

Using aptitude to remove libdbus-1-2 also removed libnautilus-burn3, which was the second suggested solution. Again, Edgy has the newer libnautilus-burn4, so this should be OK. So this problem could catch out quite a few people who upgraded to Edgy from Dapper, but shouldn’t be an issue for a fresh install of Edgy.

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    3 Responses to Ubuntu Edgy and VMWare Workstation not a problem

    1. Pedro Viegas says:

      Thanks Tony.
      Just ran into the exact same issue after dapper to edgy upgrade. This just saved me a lot of google search hours! 😀
      In my case after an upgrade I was left with two issues, one was this one… done… the other be ware edgy users that the kxdocker package is incomplete in edgy up until now at least.


    2. Brandon says:

      Excellent. Thanks!

    3. Girts says:

      Thanks a lot! I was already going to explode, having the same problem with Edgy&VMWare. You really helped me!

      Girts, Latvia

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