Sodding Scan

In a previous post, I related a tale of woe of getting RMA support on a Seagate hard disk drive which I had purchased from Scan Computers International Limited.

I implied in reply to comments (from mrben and others) that it wasn’t a simple catalogue error on Seagate’s part. Here’s why. On 13th October Seagate informed me that the drive had been marked “missing in transit”, and that it was stolen before arriving at their resellers. The drive shouldn’t have made it to retail. The police investigation was ongoing, but on 2nd November Seagate confirmed I could contact Scan about the issue. Unsurprisingly Seagate won’t support RMA requests on their hardware that has been nicked. The only way for me to get a refund or a replacement drive would be from Scan themselves.

So, on 7th November I wrote to the Managing Director of Scan Computers International Limited, enclosing all the related e-mail documentation on the order. On the 10th I received a standard automated RMA e-mail, giving me seven days to return the items. No personal comment or explanation about the alleged dodgy status of the disk. I posted the drive back on the 14th and received e-mail confirmation on the 15th that it had been tested and failed their diagnostics. Scan’s RMA page showed that I should be receiving a refund, but none was forthcoming.

On the 21st November I e-mailed Scan to enquire about the refund. I haven’t received a reply, but on 24th November I received a full refund for the drive to my bank account. I haven’t yet received any communication from a real person about this whole mess. I will be boycotting Scan from now on.

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    One Response to Sodding Scan

    1. That sounds quite dodgy; and lends weight to my use of ‘s/scan/scam/’.

      They always appeared to be cheaper, but then by the time you add VAT on, it’s normally cheaper (or the same cost) elsewhere (e.g. dabs).