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I posted the negatives to DB Images first class. Two days later I received an e-mail telling me they’d arrived, been scanned at different resolutions and would be returned in the post straightaway. Delivered the following day was a labeled, personalised CD in a slim-line jewel case along with the negatives and a covering letter. The CD was a little scratched on the rear though.

Each of the four negatives had been scanned at three resolutions: 1200dpi (1600x1000px), 2400dpi (3300x2000px) and 3200dpi (4400x2700px), resulting in file sizes of 2.8MB, 10.9MB and 20.3MB respectively in JPEG format. These are pretty respectable file sizes for JPEG images that haven’t been over-compressed. Dirt and scratch removal was pretty good, although the retouching on some of the larger lines on one of the frames was perhaps not quite a smooth as it could be. There was noticeable graining on the images which was worse at higher resolutions.

The images were the most heavily cropped, the returned scans being almost 1:1.65 in ratio rather than the more usual 1:1.4 or 1:1.5. Cropping can improve the composition of a photo, but it’s one thing I’d prefer to do myself.

Overall it was a highly efficient service and very fast. The images were the most vibrant of the three companies’ efforts, although the automated colour adjustment meant the scans didn’t match the original prints very well. The graining was also a problem as it lost of lot of detail which can’t be regained without rescanning. I’d recommend this service for people who want get digital versions of images for low-resolution web use without having to manipulate the images themselves. You can also check out the gallery of sample images.

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