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I printed off the free trial scan form from the Pix Studio website and posted them the form with accompanying negatives. I didn’t hear anything until nearly four weeks later, when the sample images were returned by Royal Mail using the “Signed for” service. (Admittedly this was over the Christmas and New Year period, which should be taken into account.) In the cardboard-backed envelope were my negatives, a stock letter thanking me for using their trial service and a nicely labeled CD with the images.

The images themselves were three scans of the first negative at their three different services – Silver, Gold and Pro. The JPEG images were 1400×920 (1000dpi), 2800×1840 (2000dpi) and 5600×3680 (4000dpi), weighing in at 1.9MB, 7.8MB and 31.5MB respectively. This is the largest file size of any of the three companies and implies very low compression used when saving the JPEG. The aspect ratio of the images was 1:1.5. The service I trialled included border removal (i.e. cropping the black bits from the edge of the scan) and dirt/scratch removal.

The scratch removal worked pretty well, certainly when compared with the untouched scan (from slidescan4u.co.uk), but didn’t remove the larger scratches which can still be seen on the images. (Pix Studio charge £25 per frame for retouching including “major” scratches. Whether the scratches on my negative constitute “major” is up for debate, I think.) The scratches can be seen quite clearly on the larger resolution images and would spoil any large reprints.

Of all the scans, these ones were closest to the original colour of the print, although they are a bit darker. The post-processing has removed some detail, but not too much. The main problem with the scans is the cost per frame. For the largest sizes, it’s £2 + £1 for border and scratch removal. Even the smaller sizes are relatively expensive in comparison with the other companies.

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    1. Peter Ward says:

      Tony Hi

      Stumbled accross your blog and I Can’t beleive that you didn’t try our free trial service on the 35mm negative front! Ho Hum. Obviously need a bit more internet marketing as obviously you missed us!

      Kind Regards

      Peter Ward

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