Belated Goodwill

Last year, I chose two Free Software products to make a Christmas donation to. I had fully intended to do the same this year, indeed to make it an annual event. It would be fantastic if others took some time to thank their favourite Free Software projects of the year. Anyway, it slipped my mind over the Christmas and New Year period because of the building work we were having done at home.

I’ve caught up now and I’ve made two donations: One to Gallery, which powers the gallery on this site and several other galleries I run for my friends. It’s a great project, although I still prefer the older 1.5/1.6 series than version 2. I use our gallery so often that I almost take the software for granted. I thought it was probably time to put that right. 🙂 The second project I chose was WordPress. WordPress powers this site and it’s powerful, flexible and generally very good to use.

These two projects are pretty mainstream compared with last year’s choices. I hope 2007 will bring a cool new piece of esoteric software to wow me, so I can plug it on this site.

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