Hello Gym

Back in October, just after my birthday, I started going to the gym at work on a regular basis. Why? I just got bored of being so big. As in fat. I put on weight when I was about nineteen as the theatre lifestyle lead me to spend many hours propped up against the Harlequin bar. I then carried that weight, literally, through university. Things haven’t really improved much since as my job is relatively sedentary. Combined with equally chair-bound hobbies, my weight has increased over the last few years. I looked at the BBC BMI calculator and found that I shouldn’t be much over 13 stone for my height to be in the “OK” weight range. Not having scales at home made this difficult to measure, but I know I was 16 stone at the end of September.

Initially I went to the gym once a week, but soon upped to two or three times a week. I’m lucky that Louisa, Jo and Andi from work have been going along too. It’s been great having people to go with as it’s not really a chore when you have people to chat with. And, yes, share the suffering and indignities. (The other advantage is that because there are three of them, there’s usually someone going even if someone flakes out! Naming no names.) Jo has even got me onto the tennis court a couple of times and it’s good exercise. Although she got most of hers in the form of laughter.

I also cut a load of crap out of my diet at the same time and replaced it with more sensible stuff; I even have a fruit bowl on my desk at work. So I was very pleased when I stepped on the scales this morning (yes, we have some now!) to see that I’ve lost a whole round stone since October. It’s a good start, but overall quite a low loss rate. I lost most of it in January but it’s slowed quite a bit in February for various reasons. So I better work harder in future!

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    3 Responses to Hello Gym

    1. I was listening to the radio the other day, and they said that more important than weight is blood pressure. They recommend that every house has a blood pressure monitor that is endorsed by http://www.bhsoc.org/ just like most households have a pair of scales.

      Well done on the weight loss. I really should do the same. I have intended to start cycling to work as I find the gym boring and hard to make the time for. I could really do with loosing a couple of stone before the summer.

      Now where did I put that mars bar? 🙂

    2. Paul Mellors says:

      To be honest the BMI index is a load of crap. I’m 6’6 and 17 stone and according to the bbc i’m over weight, bordering on obese…..what a crock.

    3. Tony says:

      It doesn’t take muscle into account. It’s heavier than fat and if you’re a muscle-bound 6’6 then, yeah, it’s not going to be accurate. A quick look at me six months ago and it would have been clear that it wasn’t muscle build-up that was my problem, but cake build-up. Yes, there are better ways of measuring whether you’re overweight, like body fat content but the BMI is a useful indicator, at least.