Ali-baba’s magic coat

Someone has paid £72 for an old, no doubt vomit-stained and possibly whiffy, jacket of Jono’s. I know it’s for charity and everything, but you have to draw the line between kind-heartedness and lunacy somewhere. 🙂 I wonder if the winner is Ted, wanting to add to the beard he aquired last summer. Perhaps he’s trying to build a duplicate Jono out of spare parts for his own nefarious reasons? If we see Jono suddenly renouncing the Ubuntu and endorsing the SUSE we’ll know why!

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    One Response to Ali-baba’s magic coat

    1. Ted Haeger says:

      No, I am not creating a duplicate Jono, and I resent the suggestion that I would do something so incredibly base.
      I am, in fact, slowly creating an entire Jono costume for myself, somewhat like that dude in Silence of the Lambs. Once I have completed the ensemble, I intend to assume Jono’s identity after I have devoured him in order to obtain his life essence.