A few words of advice

Dear Asics,

  1. Do not create your website entirely inside Flash when HTML can provide almost all of the functionality your pages need.
  2. Do not require pop-ups to be allowed from your site to let me view it.
  3. Do not hide the navigation bar and menus in my browser, preventing me from easily seeing URLs and bookmarking them.
  4. Do not use only metric weights in a site designed for the UK. Provide both metric and imperial.
  5. When providing a drop-down box for distances, provide units. Are we talking miles or kilometres?
  6. Having made people endure this site, do not make one of the two final suggestions “Undefined”.
  7. Do not create your website entirely inside Flash so that users have to go through all the questions again instead of hitting the “back” button in a browser.
  8. In fact, don’t create your website in Flash at all. Use Open Standards so that anyone can use your site and maybe buy some of your products.


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