Gratuitous Vinyl Simile

A couple of months ago I posted about how Facebook had reacquainted me with some friends from school. I was invited up to Emily’s birthday bash in a pub in London last night. Whilst the transport was a nightmare (involving an aborted start, door keys, take-away salad with no little fork-y thing, a hyperactive child on the Circle line, a full train at 1am, engineering works at 2am and no taxis at 3am) it was worth it to meet up with these people, most of whom I hadn’t seen for almost exactly ten years. But walking into the pub I was greeted with hugs and handshakes which was lovely, especially as I was slightly damp from the London drizzle. It was quite incredible how one comment could trigger off a whole series of recollections, long-forgotten snippets of information suddenly snapping back into clear recollection. Sometimes it felt like putting the needle back on the record, conversations felt like a ten day gap rather than ten years. I hope we get to hook up again soon, because I really enjoyed these people’s company ten years ago and I’m pleased to find I still do. Of course, I can only hope that they felt the same way about me! And I’ll get scanning those Zante photos in. 😉

None of this is meant to slight the select few friends I have actually managed to stay in contact with over the last decade! I love you guys too. 😉

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