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I realised yesterday that it has been about two months since I last posted here. I started off writing that not a huge amount has happened in that time, but the more I thought about it the more I came up with:

  • My good friend Stuart “Donkey” Burgess came over to the UK for a visit, which was lovely, and to talk over some sad news, which was not lovely but was necessary,
  • I had a birthday,
  • I got re-elected as Hostmaster for HantsLUG, giving me another year to screw things up,
  • My godson Samuel continues his habit of growing up by having his second birthday and more importantly a happening party to celebrate it,
  • I discovered that my friend Neil‘s better half, Amy, has a new blog which is delightfully quirky and more than a bit random,
  • Went to two weddings,
  • Work has been very busy as always at the start of the year but went basically to plan,
  • I planned but failed to execute a meet up in London for some old friends but ended up having a pie in a pub with Graham instead, which was good fun too and made me feel slightly better.
  • Other exciting things have happened at work but I can’t really tell you about them.

You haven’t read any long, dull posts containing pre-formatted text because I’ve not been doing much technical stuff in my spare time lately. I have been scanning in lots of negatives instead. I bought a Nikon CoolScan V from ebay a couple of months ago having read the Rocky Nook book on the subject. Scanning in negatives that are 5-15 years old really shows the difference in quality between different film. Kodak negatives have survived and preserved their colour much better than the generic equivalents. Sadly this is something that you can’t travel back in time and fix! Unsurprisingly the same goes for the camera. Shots taken on an SLR produce a clearer scan than from a standard 35mm compact camera. Presumably this is down to the size and quality of the lens.

Most of the negatives I’ve scanned so far have been ones from secondary school. I’ve uploaded some to Facebook and tagging the photos has provoked a few satisfying protests from those featured. 🙂 I thought some of them were sweet and all brought back a lot of memories. I feel I can get away with embarrassing photos as I feature in some, including the infamous foot condition from Zante, ten years ago. But be warned people, there’s more to come.

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