Okk, farr and…?

OK, I’m struggling a bit for a witty and amusing title. A special Noprize to anyone who gets the reference. It’s all just an excuse to say that I finally hit 13 stone this week, which means that I’ve lost 3 stone since this time last year. That’s 42 pounds to our American readers and 19.05 kilograms for our European friends. That’s a stage weight and a half I’m not carrying around with me all the time. I hope that the slow and steady pace at which I’ve been losing weight means it will stay off with a sensible diet and regular exercise. Losing three stone was the original target I set myself this time last year, but I think there’s a bit further to go.

To celebrate, I decided to put on a pair of my suit trousers which I was actually wearing this time last year and see how they fitted.


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