Prompt seasonal goodwill

As in previous years, I decided to donate a little cash to two open source projects which I’ve used lots over the year. I’ve always tried to find projects which aren’t high profile, partly to reassure the authors that their work is being used and appreciated and partly so I get to pimp cool bits of software to other people. I’ve always assumed that the “big boys” like GNOME get enough support from Novell, Canonical etc. that my relatively measly donation wouldn’t make much difference. Perhaps I’m wrong in thinking that though?

Having thought about it and looked back at my blog postings over the last year, I’ve chosen GIMP and Audacity. Both quite high profile projects, but big and complex ones too. I feel that I’ve got to grips with GIMP recently. I use it for processing all my digital photographs as well as processing scanned negatives. Its documentation is really handy and it has some nice new features and UI tweaks in the latest releases. I use Audacity when processing the LUG talks videos, using the tools for EQ, noise removal, mix downs etc. Like GIMP it’s had some extra functionality introduced in the latest versions and I plan to use its multi-track features more heavily next year.

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