LUG Radio Live 2008 USA Trailer

This what I’ve spent some of my evenings producing recently:

If you can’t see the video properly, visit the YouTube page.You can download the full resolution version in a variety of formats from Watch it and come along to what I’m sure will be a great event.

This was, of course, why I was looking for a recording of Zadok the Priest in my previous post. I wasn’t able to find a free (as in beer) recording, so bought a royalty free recording which allowed me to use it in the way I wanted to in the licence. It is not, unfortunately, as good a recording as the one I already had. There are a couple of bits which are a little school-orchestra-y. It also seems that the original recording I had was an unusually slow one, with most of the ones I looked at from various pay-download sites coming in at over a minute shorter. This meant rejigging the video clips a bit to fit with the quicker runtime. But I think it still has the impact I wanted it to have.

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