Quite a lot different

I recently posted about winning the first ever reader competition over at the lovely Amy’s lovely blog. I eagerly awaited the arrival my prize, although as a fallible human being, I was less eager to blog about it. That’s not to cast aspersions on the quality of the prize itself, merely to justify the tardiness of this post with excuses about having been busy recently.

I knew exactly what to expect: Nothing I could ever predict. I was sure Amy would manage to find something totally random and yet reflective of her personality. I had been led astray somewhat by Neil, who suggested that I may need batteries, an aerial or an arc-welding kit to make use of the mystery prize. It was with a deal of trepidation that I opened the fairly innocuous package which arrived last week. Here’s what was inside:

A little bit different - Apron and certificate

A truly unique prize, I’m sure you’ll agree. As Dervla Kerwan might be paid to say, “This is not just an apron. This is a pink polka-dot apron with ‘A Little Bit Different Dot Com’ badge, lovingly wrapped in a luxury gold ribbon, topped by a certificate of congratulations.” The latter is presumably to prove the provenance of the former to any Lovejoy who might make my heirs an offer on such a prestigious item in generations to come. Here’s a closer look at the badge on the pink polka-dot apron:

A Little Bit Different badge

She has managed to bring a bit of the madness of her life into mine. Thank you Amy, I feel special! If you and Neil come for dinner you’ll even get to see me wear it.

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