Won’t you please, please, please

The third episode of the Ubuntu UK podcast, “Help me”, is now out and available from:


In this episode we talk about the command line versus GUI, Mythbuntu, podcast production (by popular request) and give our take on recent FLOSS-related news.

Dave Walker

What was different about this episode? Well, we recorded it at a different location. We had a different cake. (Carrot, and very nice it was too.) Some of us forgot our microphone technique. The builders outside started a generator during the first segment. There was a problem with the signal levels onto the recorder, which means some peaks are bit distorted. I’ll pay more attention to this next time and hopefully provide a permanent fix soon. And one of the channels was inverted for some reason which caused a few extra hours hassle and brown trousers!

For those of you following my trials and tribulations with the audio, I’m not as happy with this one as episode 2. But where the audio is a bit dodgy it’s only as a consequence of trying to make it better. So that’s alright. 🙂

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