If only answers were as easy

The anticipated fourth episode (yes, really, apparently) of the Ubuntu UK Podcast is out now. In this episode:

  • Unix/Linux Malware & Security precautions,
  • Interview with Ian Ozsvald from Showmedo,
  • A short phone call from Mark Shuttleworth,
  • Plus the sarcastic news,
  • And a competition to get money off Ubuntu schwag.

Download it from:


This episode started recording within two hours of touching down at Heathrow from San Francisco, so I was pretty jetlagged during the recording. Yet again I’ve tried something new with the sound, but unfortunately the raw recording was distorted in places. I’m blaming that on the jetlag. It was also our first phone interview, which I think went pretty well thanks to Daviey’s SIP phone. People who have moaned about the levels should be happier with this episode, but there’s still more to do to get things sounding even better of course.

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