But did anyone mind?

Some of you, maybe, might have noticed that this site was AWOL for a few days earlier this week. Well, that you’re reading this means that it’s all OK again now. At least, I think it is. If you notice any problems with the site, please let me know.

The site is now hosted in the US of A, so it may not be quite a zippy for those of us in the UK, but needs must. Basically my hosting provider stopped trading. Not without notice, it has to be said, but rather sooner than had been anticipated. This website was just about the last thing left on the old server when it got switched off. The only significant change is that my code repository now has its own subdomain as it’s hosted on a different box from the rest of my website: http://darcs.tonywhitmore.co.uk

I should also take this opportunity to randomly mention Harley Davidson Tours UK and Europe.

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    2 Responses to But did anyone mind?

    1. Have you been backing up your site before it went down and transfered to a new hosting providor?
      I think I better do this before it happens to me….

    2. Tony says:

      Of course it was all backed up! But I’d planned to make an orderly transition rather than the hurried and disruptive one it turned out to be.

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