Come to LUG Radio Live UK 2008

I’ve been off work for a week having had two teeth removed under general anesthetic and popping pills which have left me somewhat dazed and confused. Yes, more than normal. I’m back to work tomorrow though, and one thing is clear – LUG Radio Live UK 2008 is going to be a blast! It will be great to meet up with Emma, having met her at LRL USA. Plus lots of British and European people giving fine talks! I’m running the AV crew again, and this year hope to have enough AV crew to enable me to have some time off!

Go to to find out about hotels, speakers etc.

This has been a belated attempt to do my bit for publicity! I have a sick note though…

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    3 Responses to Come to LUG Radio Live UK 2008

    1. I’ll be there, looking forward to it.

    2. Glyn says:

      Do drop by the Open Rights Group stand and I will see what swag I can load you up with to take you mind off your teeth. Plus you can tell ORG what you would like them to be focusing on for the next year.

    3. Tony says:

      I’m sure I will, being a paid up member! It’s a shame Becky can’t make it this year though.