LUG Radio Ga-ga

I was going to write a post about this, but I discovered that the brilliant Bruno had said it all already. All I can add is that I’ll miss the show, it’s been a big part of my spare time for the last four years, it’s taken me to Wolverhampton and San Francisco, given me some of the most random experiences of my life and above all it’s introduced me to a lot of people I now regard as friends. And that now the news is out I haven’t got to stop myself from saying something stupid and accidentally letting it slip early!

Discussions in #lugradio suggest that I’m a member of a pretty exclusive club of people who have been to all the LUG Radio Live events (including the US event earlier this year and the one coming up in the next couple of weeks). The list seems to be: Jono, Aq, Adam, Chris, Matthew Walster and me. Or have we missed someone?

[Update] The ever angry Matthew Garrett is also on the list.

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    One Response to LUG Radio Ga-ga

    1. Ah, it’s like being at school again, there are too many Matts, so it’s a list of first names then “Matthew Walster”.

      Shame it’s going, but it’s been fun, hasn’t it 😉