Who’d-a thunk it?

That’s right, the Ubuntu UK podcast episode count is almost in double figures! After a very late episode 8, due partly to me having a general anesthetic we’ve pulled out, well, a stop and got episode 9 out only very slightly late. Actually, this episode and the last one have mostly been edited by Alan, although I’ve still mixed both shows. It bodes well that we’re able to distribute the workload of producing the show across multiple people. Hopefully it will mean that everyone gets to relax occasionally. There’s still a way to go though, and to that end I’ve made a series of screencasts to educate my fellow Ubuntu UK Podcasters on how I go about mixing the show in Ardour. They’re not polished, but I wonder if there would be interest in releasing them to the wider community?

No Ciemon in this episode, so Laura deps. In this episode:-

  • Discussion:
  • Competition:
    • The competition from Episode 8 is still open. It will end on the 12th July. (we have extended the competition due to the last episode being late).

Go and get it!

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