And no rollover bugs either.

The Ubuntu UK Podcast has actually gone and hit that watershed of reaching double figures! In one way it seems like we’ve been going much longer. Our presenting style is maturing and we’re spreading the load of editing and mixing the show through screencasts. In fact, I edited very little of the last two episodes, which was great! Highlights of the first ten episodes for me are (in no particular order):

  • The FOSDEM material and the Becky Hogge interview in particular. And Dave posing for a photo. 🙂
  • Dave’s pronunciation in the pronunciation segment.
  • Interviewing guests in the studio (i.e. my front room)
  • Interviewing guests on the phone thanks to the wonder of VoIP.
  • The Mark Shuttleworth special.
  • Interviewing all those people at UDS!
  • Piling up CDs in a pub car park.
  • Getting all sorts of stuff to give away.

Which brings us to what is in episode 10 itself:

10th Episode Celebration cake

In this episode:-

  • Discussion:
    • Watching video content on Ubuntu
    • Podcast now available in transcribed form!
    • Sarcastic News
    • Selling Ubuntu without using ‘Freedom’ in the sales pitch
  • Competition:
    • We announce the winner of the Canonical Store Voucher this month
    • We start a new competition where we give the Wraith PC from Efficient PC! Just answer the question set out in this weeks show, and you could be the proud owner of this PC!

    Efficient PC - Wraith

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